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____________________________________________Devotional taken from Chapter 16


                                         A Talking Altar


“. . .and I heard the altar say, ‘Yes, O Lord God the Almighty, true and righteous are Your judgments’” (Revelation 16:7)


The Book of Revelation is filled with wonders and mysteries. Living creatures with eyes all over their bodies; arch-angels with voices that rumble like thunder; flying eagles that pierce earth’s atmosphere with their declaration; a sea so beautiful that it is described as a clear and transparent crystal; a pearl so massive that it comprises the gate to the Great City (and there are twelve of these “pearl-gates);” a living crystal river that is not subject to the hydrological cycle of evaporation, etc., an ever flowing watercourse that actually imparts life and vitality.  This is only a very partial list of wonders found in the Revelation.


     Obviously, we currently live in an environment that is extremely limited and restrained. I do not know how many dimensions exist in God’s great universe, but apparently, we have experienced only a few of them thus far. If you are a person who enjoys adventure, you are in the right place – in the center of God’s Kingdom. To say, “the best is yet to come” would the understatement of all human history. Perhaps this is the reason why the Bible describes our current life in this world’s realm as a vapor; grass in the field; a fading flower; a single breath.


     And so, we encounter the Altar in heaven. This Altar has something to say.  It speaks because it is living. Only God, the All Creative One, could come up with such a marvel and astounding phenomenon. The words that come from this amazing spectacle declare something that absolutely must be understood by all creatures. The Altar sets straight the reality that when God judges, it is a GOOD thing. (Please re-read the article I wrote recently titled “The Beauty of God’s Judgments.)


     God’s judgments are infinitely good because each pronouncement He utters is based on the epitome of Virtue:  Love, Holiness, Truth, Righteousness, Justice, Mercy and Compassion. No judgment of God can be improved upon. No Word that comes from Him has any flaw or weakness. Every decree penetrates all darkness and shatters all unrighteousness. 


     We live in a transitional period of history. We live in the “times in-between”.  The earth began with a Paradise. That Paradise was lost. God initiated a program that would take thousands of years to accomplish that would restore all that was lost. Moreover (and I mean “more-over”), His plan for the future far excels what we lost. Our new Environment is described as “beyond what eye can see, ear can hear or the heart can imagine” (I Corinthians 2:9).


     Sometimes, it seems to me that we are seated in a rocket on the launch pad – ready for blast-off. I would not minimize how difficult this waiting period on earth can be. But soon and very soon, we will see and hear the Altar; not to mention a million other marvels, curiosities and splendors of the One Who called us to Himself.



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