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Update:  Soon you will have access to videos of each individual chapter (Chs 1 - 7).  Also, very soon you will have access to Chapter 8 (audio version).  A Chinese and a Spanish version of the video (using subtitles) is underway.  Thanks for your prayers.

from John G. Elliott

Interested in a Blessing?


“Blessed is the person who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it, for the time is near” (Revelation 1:3).


     It seems to me that this offer would find people standing in line, long lines, eager to read and heed the Book of Revelation.  After all, the offer comes from the one Person Who has all power, all ability and all determination to fulfill the promise made. It would seem to me, that if someone was offering free money, free prime real estate, free shares in a successful company or reliable tips in sound investments, that long lines would form in earnest anticipation of the blessing.

     However, there is a condition.  There is indeed a blessing for those who merely read or hear the words of Revelation, but the real and deeper blessing comes for those who “heed” – those who “take to heart” (NIV) the words. 

     In chapters 2 & 3, Our Lord Jesus rebukes five out of the seven Churches.  Change is called for. Repentance is required. The Revelation of Jesus Christ (1:1) always summons a response of submission and obedience.  The listening ear must always be connected to the yielded heart.

     What does this blessing involve? Is it actually worthwhile to meet the conditions? How extensive is the blessing?

     In short, the blessings are both stunning and overwhelming in their scope and magnitude. Each of the letters to the 7 Churches ends with a phrase, “. . .the one that overcomes shall. . .”   shall what? The promises that follow each one these statements should be enough to prompt any person into a completely surrendered life of devotion and service.   

     In summary form, here is a compilation of what the promises mean for over-comers:  access to the tree of life; deliverance from the second death; hidden manna (spiritual sustenance); the revealing of your divinely selected name and purpose; authority over nations; the gift of the Morningstar (nearness to Jesus); honor before the Father and all the angels; a place of leadership and honor (pillar in the temple); eternal citizenship in heaven; the privilege of knowing Jesus in a close-up and personal way and sitting with Him on His throne.  Toward the end of Revelation we see this phrase: “the one who overcomes shall inherit all these things” (Rev. 21:7). All the blessings found in the final chapters is heaped on top of the blessings found in chapters 2 & 3.


Our Lord intended for us to take these promises literally. These words are not idle. They are “living” AND “active” (Hebrews 4:12). Let us read and heed.



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